Customer Testimonials

Every week we receive dozens of letters from customers around the world telling us how much they are enjoying their Malcolm Mowat's tartan worsted wool scarves. As I'm sure you can imagine, this is immensely gratifying and it certainly helps motivate us to keep our standards high. We love receiving feedback so much that we have even started to pin our favourite letters onto the wall of our HQ!

We ultimately want to show you every bit of feedback we get via an independent feedback system, so that you feel totally at ease when you purchase a Malcolm Mowat's product online. In the meantime, here's a sample of our testimonials:

“I’m extremely pleased with [my Udrigle scarf]… and I’m convinced that it will be my companion on nearly every autumn and winter day.”
German customer
“I received my [Maree and Udrigle] scarves today and they already look and feel great!”
Japanese customer
“They look great and I’m sure that [the recipients] will love them.”
English customer
“I’d been asking my husband to get me a Broom scarf for ages. I adore his Malcolm Mowat’s Maree scarf but I wanted something a bit more colourful for myself, so I was thrilled when he finally bought me one as a gift! I love it!”
Scottish customer
“They are really lovely.”
New Zealand customer

"Having bought two scarves from you before, I have just returned to purchase two more. I just wanted to tell you how completely delighted I am with your product. Your scarves are superb quality, soften and improve with age, and are seemingly indestructible. I am beginning to lose count of the number of compliments that they garner. The strong colours and unusual, modern designs are beautiful and the scarves are much better than their price would suggest - they are fantastic value. I also love your personal, handwritten communication when you send your scarves."
English customer (who oversees finance in one of Europe's largest retailers)
If you have just received a Malcolm Mowat's scarf then please tell us what you think of it. This kind of information is of immense value to both the company and the experience future customers receive, so you'd be doing us a real favour if you managed to send us a swift email.