Are you a blogger?

We really enjoy working with bloggers and we recognise that they can have a big impact on companies like Malcolm Mowat’s. Their reviews and recommendations often carry a lot of weight with a lot of people. Speaking frankly, we love it it when people hear about us through the writing of a neutral third party as opposed to our own traditional marketing channels. As such, we will never attempt to swing a review in our favour in any way whatsoever.   

In practice, this means that we have a ‘Review + Return’ policy we use when working with bloggers. We send bloggers our products on the understanding that they send them back once they've got a good feel for them. This ensures that reviews are accurate, unbiased, useful and informative. If we simply dished out freebies then this would clearly not be the case!

If you run a blog about style, beauty, fashion or textiles and you think that your readers would be interested to hear more about us then please get in touch via

We will be more than happy to help.