What's our Maree Worsted Wool Spring Scarf named after?

by Malcolm Mowat's

Loch Maree.

Loch Maree is in a large loch located in Wester Ross, Scotland. To many locals and tourists alike it is one of the most beautiful lochs in the North West Highlands. Dotted with islands covered with some of the most untouched Caledonian Forest in Scotland, the place is incredibly picturesque. The landscape is rich in myth and legend and to this day it attracts plenty of those of a superstitious nature.  

The Maree scarf is our most traditional tartan on offer. Made of wonderfully lightweight worsted wool, you can see every single stitch and every single colour clearly. Dark in overall tone, a cursory glance reveals an unexpectedly large array of colours. There are blues, blacks, greens and reds. All these colours carefully combine to form a truly striking scarf.

The quality of the scarf is second to none. The size of it, I believe, is perfect. This worsted scarf makes a great scarf; it will keep the wind off your neck whilst not allowing you to become too hot as the material is breathable. You should also be aware that we have sewn over the side edging which should help increase the scarfs lifespan.

Buy one and I feel sure that you will be happy you did so. It’s a brilliant worsted wool Spring scarf, in a great colour, it feels luxurious and it’s priced fairly. What’s not to like!


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