Marine Protected Areas in Scotland

At the end of 2012 it was proposed that 33 areas in Scottish seas should become ‘Marine Protected Areas.’ One of these areas is in the North West Highlands and it is pictured in many of the Malcolm Mowat’s images. It has been mentioned as a proposed site because it contains:  harbour seals, sandeels, grey seals, European spiny lobsters, common skates, black guillemots, northern feather stars, ocean quahogs, native oysters, seagrass beds, kelp and seaweed, algal communities, sea loch egg wrack, northern sea fan and sponge communities, maerl beds, horse mussel beds, blue mussel beds, herring spawning grounds, basking sharks, minke whales, harbour porpoises, terns, black-throated divers, red-throated divers and, of course, great northern divers.

So there’s quite a lot of wildlife in the area.

Little Loch Broom, which we named our lightweight worsted wool ‘Broom’ spring scarf after, is in this proposed MPA. Our 'Broom' scarf can be viewed and bought here:

Here are some images of the ‘Broom’ and the MPA for you to enjoy.

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