Worsted Wool Facts

The main ingredient that makes our scarves so special is the worsted wool material we use. In case some of you are not too sure what worsted wool is, here is a list of its most well known properties.

1.       Worsted wool is a smooth yarn.

2.       It is immensely durable due to the fact that the worsting process allows fibers to be woven into a fine material.


3.        It is highly wrinkle resistant. This ensures that worsted wool will rarely look bruised and battered, even after heavy use. It also means that Malcolm Mowat’s scarves don’t sag and loose shape.

4.       The material drapes easily. This means that the scarves are easy to arrange around the neck.

5.       It is a wool for all seasons. It is breathable and thin which means that many summer suits are also made from it.

6.       The worsted wool has a slight shine due to its immensely smooth texture it possesses. 

What makes our worsted wool that wee bit more special is the fact that it is made in Scotland by truly skilled workers meaning that every item is authentically Scottish.

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