What’s our Broom Worsted Wool Spring Scarf named after?

Loch Broom and Little Loch Broom.

Both of these lochs are sea lochs; meaning that they are sea inlets. Both open onto the Minch. This stretch of water up the North West Coast of Scotland attracts sailors from around the globe. Also present at the end of these sea lochs are the well-known set of islands called the Summer Isles. Only one of these islands is inhabited, the rest being left to nature.

In the lochs you will often see dolphins, basking sharks, puffins, seals and eagles. The area was also once filled with wild Salmon which was at one point commercially fished. However, the advent of artificial fish farms in the area has meant that the sea lice population has boomed to the almost fatal detriment of the wild salmon. That said, the sheer concentration of wildlife in the area is still astonishing.

We believe that our Broom Worsted Wool Spring Scarf is really special. It is our personal favourite because every one of the colours present in it is fresh, modern and bright. These qualities are not what you would traditionally expect a tartan to offer as most tartans are relatively sombre in tone. The Broom, however, is anything but sombre. Bright oranges, blues and greens are just some of the unexpected colours on show. Taken as a whole, the scarfs bright colours mean that it is perfectly suited to being worn on a bright Spring day. It’s a cheerful item for a cheerful season.

As with every scarf we produce, the Broom is handmade in Scotland by a dedicated team of truly skilled workers. Real energy and enthusiasm goes into the making of every single one produced. The Broom Worsted Wool Spring scarf is big, beautiful and breathable. It is, we think, a fitting homage to an exquisite part of the world.

Buy the Broom online for a very reasonable £35: http://www.malcolmmowats.com/products/broom-scarf

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