What’s our Fionn Worsted Wool Spring Scarf named after?

Fionn Loch.

This loch is located slap bang in the middle of an area referred to as The Great Wilderness in the North West Highlands of Scotland. It is as remote as you can get in Britain and you are at all times acutely aware of that fact. You will rarely see anyone else in the area – even in peak Summer season. You can literally walk for days without seeing another soul. There are no pylons, wind turbines or roads anywhere in sight. You are just entirely engulfed by jagged mountains covered in heather, peat, stags and sheep. In the air you will see grouse flying low, whilst both Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles dominate the sky; their eerie cries ringing deep into the glens.

The Fionn Worsted Wool Spring Scarf reflects many of the colours present in this landscape. In it you will see the deep reds present in the rocks and lichens, the blue of the perfect sky and the greens of the mossy bogs. Taken all together, the scarf is a genuinely evocative piece of fine attire. It would be a fantastic investment for Spring.

It almost goes without saying, but the quality of the Fionn is astonishing. Every detail has been carefully thought of and every stitch made with skill. These qualities are immediately noticeable to anyone lucky enough to own a Fionn Spring scarf.

The wool, being finely constructed, really shows off the vivid colours of the scarf brilliantly. It also protects the neck from those stiff winter breezes all too common throughout March and April. Please note that the scarf is handmade in Scotland, so you can rest assured that your money is helping to preserve the manufacturing skills we have in this country.

I can honestly say that in my experience I have never seen a better scarf. Even ones priced elsewhere for £200 just don’t cut the mustard when put alongside ours. If you don’t believe me then I urge you to order a scarf, feel it and live with it for a while, and then if you don’t like it you can make use of our generous returns policy. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a fantastic item to gain.

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