New Website = Our acorn planted


We hope you enjoy the new website. It’s been built with the help of some very knowledgeable people from Shopify and we are now up and running. We are ready and raring to get our first orders over the internet and we are looking forward to sending our products to happy customers wherever they may be.

We have stock, we have a website and now we just need some pioneering customers! We understand that you may feel slightly wary of effectively dealing with an unknown quantity, however, the flip side of that is that 100% of our attention will be on you at all times.

If we can make you happy by providing you with great products, at great prices, with great service, then we hope that the first seeds of success will have been planted. We will work hard to nurture our early customers and, we promise, your importance will not be forgotten.  

Happy Shopping,


Founder, Malcolm Mowat’s

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